We are based at the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine and the MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research, which are located on the Gilmorehill and Garscube Campuses of the University of Glasgow (about 15 minute apart by bike), respectively. This creates cross-cutting research environment that allows group members to do everything from wet lab work, to bioinformatics, field ecology, epidemiology and machine learning.


4 Year Postdoctoral Assistant or Associate funded by a Wellcome Trust fellowship, will carry out data-driven mathematical modelling of vampire bat rabies, integrating a spatially-replicated, longitudinal field dataset (14 years, >30 sites) with serological and shedding records with new insights from controlled rabies infections in a captive colony. This position would suit a quantitative disease ecologist/epidemiologist, ideally with experience in ecological data from large field studies. This position will be advertised in mid 2021.

1.5 Year Postdoctoral Assistant funded by a Human Frontiers in Science Program Grant, this position will investigate the epidemiology and immunobiology of a morbillivirus in vampire bats. The position will involve serology and transcriptomics so would suite a virologist with lab experience and interests in viral ecology or epidemiology. Project collaborators include Felix Drexler and Paul Duprex. Applications will be advertised in early 2022.

Prospective PhD students

Prospective PhD students should get in touch with me by sending a [1] CV,  [2] the names and contact information for 2 people who can comment on your work and [3] a one-page statement that explains your background (1/2 page) and the research you would like to do (1/2 page). Fully funded studentships are available on a competitive basis through the CVR’s PhD Programme, the University of Glasgow’s Wellcome Trust PhD Programme in Integrative Infection Biology, or external scholarships. Funded PhDs will be advertised on Twitter and FindAPhD.

Prospective Research Fellows

In the UK, fellowships are research-only positions that are available for highly competitive researchers across all career stages after a PhD (i.e., junior postdocs to full professors). They generally cover salary and research costs, providing research independence.

If you want to apply for a fellowship to work with us, get in touch and we can discuss ideas. Funding sources to consider include the Wellcome Trust, the Royal Society, BBSRC, MRC and NERC, among others.